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if we ever get out of here [Feb. 23rd, 2005|05:59 pm]
i am the walrus
[i'm feeling |sillysilly]
[i'm listening to |band on the run]

well on friday it was a half day. that means we went to the commons.  and there we had pizza.  then jaclyn was mad at me and possibly some other people because we didn't go to her house. we went to tiffanys. and i guess she thought that we were going to be going to her house after the commons. but because me tiffy joy and ilana were never really invited to go to jaclyns, we all told tiffy that we'd go to her house instead.  when the time came for us to leave she got all upset and everything.  and it ended up that they were probably talking about me joy tiffy and ilana for a few hours, but thats alright.  anyways, so we walked in the cold for like...40 minutes perhaps? to tiffys house.  it was so very freezing.  but we entertained ourselves.  and when we got there we made cake, and sang, and other fun-ness. the cake was so weird...but thats ok. it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be.

then it was time for going home. so i left at like 5:30 or something, and then i went home for like 10 minutes, i packed my stuff and went to jeri's house for the night.  it was fun there, too. we watched 'this is Spinal Tap' and we baked cookies, and ate cookies and other food. then we finally went to bed, and when we woke up we got dressed, ate, curled my hair (sadly it didn't stay in for very long at all) and it was off to my house for another 10 minutes so that we could get some stuff and then head over to Rhapsody for my birthday party! woot.  it was pretty fun.  there were times when i got kind of angry because people kept leaving without telling me where they were going and why.  that would have been nice.  but whatever. it was ok. i got a ukulele! which i can play like 6 chords on! (claps) and it's really fun. i think that i'm going to be going to jeri's house sometime so that i can paint it so it's all fun and everything.  i really want a case for it though, so that i can take it places.  i'll probably get one eventually off of like ebay or something like that...i also got $149. it was a weird number, but hey! i'm down.  my parents didn't get me anything because they're paying for me to go to see elton.  i wanted my money from presents to help me pay for seeing paul.  i don't know if that's going to work though, cuz i know i'm not going to get enough.  i might go see somebody else instead.

my mother was talking to me about seeing bob dylan.  she wanted to go.  but it was at some strange place where they didn't have seats.  so we'd have to be like standing. and tickets were kind of expensive. and because i'm not that great a dylan fan, i didn't really wanna go. and stand. for a long time.  that's just weird.  anyways, i don't think that we're going to that.  is it true that the who's coming here sometime? i would like to see them.  that would be so cool! who's their drummer now? is it zak? or did he like...stop? or something...? anyways.  that would be nice.  i'd love to see ringo, but i really doubt that he's coming here any time soon.  on his website it said that maybe next year he would.  but watever. i can get more money by then to see him.  and yes. that is all for concerts.

anyhow, back to my weekend.  after my party i went home for a while, then i think i like called erica or something...anyways we decided to have a sleepover.  so she came over and we...well it was pretty boring. but thats alright.  better than staying at home bored and lonely. then on sunday i went shopping for graduation dresses w/ my friends. that was really fun.  i found like 7 that i really liked.  then me and my mom went back later because she wanted to look at them, and i wanted her to see the ones that i found while they were still there.  and she really really liked the ladybug dress that i tried on.  it was red, strapless and had little black polkadots with black lace at the top and bottom.  i really liked it too, but my mom like...loved it. it was kind of funny.  but anyways, she was like " you're buying this dress!" and i was like "hehe. ok." and then she bought it. and then she was even happier when she found out that it was like half off or something so it was only 30 something dollars.  it was fun.  feiman, can i borrow your ladybug bracelet for the dance because it matches my dress and it's cute? please?

and then that night i slept over at ilana's house with sajji. that was fun cuz we were talking about having sex with chris for like at least 5 hours. *hopes that chris isn't reading this*. and it was just very fun.  ilana fell asleep very quickly, but me and sajji were just like "it would be so fun" "blah blah blah chris blah blah penis blah" for like another 3 hours. and it was really funny.  then we finally fell asleep. and i don't really remember anything after that...but it was very fun.

and yesterday nothing happened that i can recall...

and in the school musical, fiddler for those who still don't know, the people in charge (fremling and dickson) are fucking retarted, and they're like "ok, you you you you you and you can't dance. all the rest can." so of course they didn't let me.  and ilana.  and lizzie. so at first yes, i was annoyed with them for not letting me dance, but i got very happy first because dancing on the "roof" with ilana and lizzie is so very fun.  we make fun songs and dances while the teachers and other people can't see us because we hide in the back. yes. i like.  and the wedding scene is fun.  i'm at a table w/ erin nabil and some other six and seventh graders.  but it's really fun cuz i get to walk on the chairs, and then me nabil and erin decided to do the wave.  nabil's a very fun kid. : )

and now i must go and do other stuff...tata lovies.

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yucki poo. [Feb. 14th, 2005|10:09 am]
i am the walrus
[i'm feeling |sicksick]
[i'm listening to |moody blues]

*grossed out*
well this morning i was feeling really sick ever since i woke up, then i was like "eh. it'll stop" then i got downstairs. had cereal. i didn't really want to eat, but i couldn't just not eat. and it's weird. cuz i usually don't eat breakfast. but i felt like it this morning...n e ways. i had Trix. whee. colors.
colors are pretty when they're in a cereal bowl with milk...
..but not when they're in a toilet bowl. (foreshadowing!)
anyhow. so i went to school...i was pretty fine in the morning. but then it got worse when i had to read chapter four of Night with people being hanged. (*gags*). so then i went to the nurse. you could tell she was angry with me. but she doesn't understand that you don't have to have a high temperature when your stomach hurts. (dumbie.)
so then i got home.
then i ran in the garage, and i immediatly went to the lavatory, and yes, puked. *gross*
and now i'm home. and i feel a little better. i don't think i'll puke again...*knocks on wood* but eh, you never know.
and so now i'm home for a few hours with nothing to do...
i think i'll watch some movies. and snuggle. and drink some Sprite.
thats all for now.
happy valentines day!
xoxoxo <3<3<3
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(no subject) [Feb. 9th, 2005|07:00 am]
i am the walrus
i have not really updated for a while. so i guess now's the time...when was the last time?
eh...watever. i cant remember that far back anyways...so i will be starting with friday.
me and ilana and ilana's family went to walden for 'family night'. that was quite interesting. it was like bingo and a 'dj' though all we did was sit in the lunchroom, eat, and play bingo. i won two times. woot. i got me a bag, and i got ilana a bag, too. cuz i'm nice. then sajji came. sajji didn't win bingo. but her daddy did and he gave her the card to show them that she could get a 'prize'. so tahts what happened friday. cept for me and ilana were all sad cuz nobody would have a sleepover with us...joy....sajji...>_< but that was ok for me, cuz i could sleepover the next night at erica's house.
saturday-i got up. did some other stuff all day that i can't remember. and then around...whenever it was...i went to erica's house. and there we had so very much fun. sledding down the stairs on matresses, scanning, making funny pictures of paul and yoko, dartboard falling down, a little bit of fooseball. good good times.
then sunday i had to go to work. but it wasn't that bad...just stupid people that get angry at the littlest things. dumbheads. anyways, then later i went to walgreens and got food for superbowl, then i went over to erica's house w/ joy and ilana and we watched the first half of the game and the halftime show. PAUL! he was such a cute little lad...what happened? ah well. he wasn't that bad actually...just...bad. but not as bad as some of his newer CDs. well, i still love you paul! no matter how bad your voice is! and how old you are! *mwahs*
then we did some more sledding, then i had to go home. and then i stayed up w/ my daddy and watched the game. stayed up much later than that actually...i didn't get more than like 4 hours of sleep which was horrible. but i'm better now. not so tired.
and i can't remember monday...yesterday...i got birkenstocks. and...me and erica went to rhapsody. funny funny. that was good. that was basically all yesterday.
today i'm waiting for jeri to call and take me to school again. we have to take a science quiz since we're not going to be in class cuz we're going to depaul today w/ the ensemble. (exciting?) i dont' know n e of the songs...which means not good. then we're going to mickey ds for lunch...which means also not good...but watever. i do believe i will survive.
the string that's supposed to hold up my skirt came out. :( now i have to tie it around the skirt or else it won't stay up. it looks kind of silly...but little do i care!
and now i'm going to go and brush my teeth.
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nothing better to post. [Feb. 4th, 2005|08:30 pm]
i am the walrus
[i'm feeling |aggravatedaggravated]

If you read this:

You must post a memory of me.

It can be anything you want; it can be good or bad.

Just so long as it happened.

Then post this to your journal.

See what people remember about you.
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well well well [Jan. 30th, 2005|11:40 am]
i am the walrus
[i'm feeling |pleasedpleased]
[i'm listening to |::silent::]

i have lots of stupid word webs for to kill a mockingbird to do...so very dumb.
thats why i get to go to jackie's house w/ emma later though! yay homework with friends. scared for not finishing it all tonight though...due tomorrow. scared also that she doesn't have a scanner...cuz i don't have enough word web sheets. this bad.
and then i get to sit and watch my brainwashed DVD! yay amazon! and getting things that i like!
everything that i ordered came yesterday. i love things that come in mail. it's like christmas only through the mail. >_<
that means that now i have to listen to two CDs and watch a DVD and a movie all today. and we rented napolean dynomite...i watched it yesterday. but i shall watch it again today, because me love napolean. ::smiles thinking about movie::
Brainwashed is awesome. comes with: CD, DVD, Poster, Guitar pick, Sticker and lyrics to songs. me like so very much. but haven't listened to it yet. i will wen i get back from jackie's.
yesterday i went to kohls.
i got clothes.
i like clothes.
i got: two sweaters that are the same but in different colors, lots of socks that are cute, pretty undies, and two cute cute cute camis taht are polka spotted. >_< they're white and blue. i like them...me wearing white one now. under my cute green sweater. with new undies and new cute socks. :D i love shopping.
darlene wanted to get this ugly skull shirt. but my mommy wouldn't let her. and i wanted boxers, but my mommy wouldn't let me. *grr*
i started watching lisztomania today, but then i got to weirded out...especially cuz my mommy was home, and if she came downstairs she'd be like "wtf? turn that crap off"
and i'd be like "Ok."....but watever. it's strange. and bad. but funny. i like ringo :) hehe...pope.
wat else...
i still got a cell phone. i like it a lot. it's fun to play around with. but it has no games. thats boring.
i really wish taht people would call my cell phone instead of my house phone because in my room i have no caller ID on my house phone, and so i never answer the phone...it would just be easier. so for those of you who call me at all: 847 732 3242. please. instead of my house. that would be nice.
i need tape so i can tape my george poster on my wall...
me go find some and do that now.
byebye to all.
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cell phone for jamie! [Jan. 28th, 2005|06:54 am]
i am the walrus
[i'm feeling |cheerfulcheerful]

me get cell phone yesterday!
yippee hooray!
me number is: 847 732 3242
very nice and easy to remember
ok. bye :)
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jeri told me to update...i obey. [Jan. 25th, 2005|05:16 pm]
i am the walrus
[i'm feeling |sillysilly]
[i'm listening to |The Doors]

mmm. me eating sammich. sammich be good. mmm. turkey.

n e how...school:
well yesterday was the first day of third quarter, and that meant shop. yay shop! my clock idea is stupendious. i'd scan it here to show you if my scanner wasn't broken and if i knew how. aw well. i will try to describe. it'll be all squigly, and it'll stand up with hands coming out. and i think that i'm going to paint it rainbowy. that would be nice. most wonderful.
and that's shop.
i'm glad music is over.
i didn't like music.
even the acting part was bad.
no friends were in my class cept for lacey and jan.
i almost said john.
but then i corrected myself and said jan. indeed i did.

also reporting that i am getting my braces off on the 28th of March. that means that it's about 62 days till these stupid pieces of metal get off of my teeth. i will be very happy then...as long as my teeth look nice. i like things that look nice...
like my north face taht i got yesterday. it's red and fleece and nice.
i like.
it's a little big.
but it was the only size that they had in red.
or else i'd have to get pink or purple.
but i don't like those colors.
so i didn't get them.
they also had blue.
but thats really boring.
so i picked red.
ah yes. more to talk about.
my sleepover w/ erica joy and ilana on saturday.
wow that was entertaining.
from calling yoko to having an indoor snowball fight. it was great.
we hypnotized erica. well..."hypnotized" i really think that she was awake the whole time no matter what she says. it was kind of obvious. but thats ok. it was still pretty amusing.
and then we watched tommy and the who live at the isle of wight. yes. those are good good things to watch. especially Tommy. quality movie that is.
i ordered things on amazon. i might've said that already.
but i got the peachtree road (elton john) CD. and i got brainwashed (George Harrison) which is like a CD, DVD, poster, other crap that will be nice and lisztomania, i think is how it's spelled, which is some movie that roger daltrey and ringo are in. which shall be very entertaining to watch. and it was a VHS so it was only like $2. which is happy. and those things should be coming like this week. possibly next week, but hopefully before superbowl weekend. yes. that would be good. i think they'll come by then. thats like two full weeks. giving the sendy people that drive those cars plenty of time to get here. i do believe.
today! i didn't talk about today yet.
so i will tell you all what happened on this January 25 of 2005. the only January 25 of 2005 that we will ever live to see.
well this morning i got a ride from jeri to school. we studied a little bit for science with sajji until i started studying by myself cuz that just wasn't really working for me. then i found ali, and we studied together. so glad that we did becuase i learned a lot that i needed to know for the test. it was a lot easier than i thought. there were like two questions that i wasn't certain of. actually more like one. i think that i got the other one. i just didn't know voltage, and i'm pretty positive that i got that one wrong, but i would be very happy if i got it. i think htat i did those equation things right...though after i turned it in i realized that i may not have labeled the things. and that would be very bad. but hopefully i remembered to.
and that was science.
in spanish we got our quizzes back. i got 34 and 1/2 out of 35. which i know is good, but it was sooo dumb because my mistake was righting that some Cynthia person didn't like tuna and it was supposed to be tuna SANDWICHES. and it was so dumb. not a reason to take off half a point if you ask me. grrr. but thats alright i guess. me and ilana and jacob all got to sit by eachother today because max wasn't there so ilana got to move to sit next to jacob and i already sit behind jacob so we were all there by eachother and it was fun. but we had to be quiet so that we could hopefully be put by eachother when mrs. johnson picks seats for next quarter. that would be nice. i like sitting by friends in school. it makes it more better that way.
wow. and i thought that i had nothing to write about...ha. boy was i wrong.
...is that how you spell continuing? i don't know. nor do i really care. it just looks kind of wrong. hmm. watever. so...spanish. right. i'm going backwards in my schedule. thats ok though.
oh math.
math was very very fun today.
funner than most days w/ iachini.
today we stuck a sign on his back.
it said "accordian music turns me on"
and it was really funny.
it fell off once and we all started laughing. then bert went to get it from the front of the room, and sam put it back on him again. quite hilarious. very very entertaining. teehee. ha. that was silly. silly math class we had today. yes, it was.
language arts. right.
that was pretty boring.
all we did was read. and find out that i did bad on quizzes.
like C+ bad...
but thats alright.
i think it went on our 2nd quarter grades...i want my report card...but i'm also kind of scared to get it. *shivers* i dunno how i did in math. or s/s. or other classes either.
we have a math quiz tomorrow. i should be studying. but i dont' like to study. especially for math.
and i forgot what this quiz is on.
and i probably don't know how to do whatever it is on.
because i can't do a lot in math.
wow. it's a big mistake to have signed up for geometry 1. me going to fail. this going to be bad.
maybe i'll switch like 2 weeks into it.
i'm not sure though.
it could go semi-ok.
i'll just have to find out.
i'm done now. :)-
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come together's on the radio. [Jan. 22nd, 2005|07:34 am]
i am the walrus
[i'm feeling |thirstythirsty]
[i'm listening to |97.1 FM the drive]

well lets see here...when was the last time that i updated n e thing like...worth reading?
must have been a while ago.
i'll start with...i can't remember what happened during the week...so i'll start w/ yesterday. :)
went to jeri's house w/ jacob to try and help them w/ their yoga project for health. which so far isn't coming along all that well. but i tried to help! i typed their stuff, and then i...i...cut out circles for them! :P that was about it. anyways.
then later, when we found out that jeri's internet wasn't working and they got bored of working on their project, jacob found catch phrase and we were playing. it was really funny. jacob can be funny sometimes. other times he can get annoying. but he's a pretty cool guy i suppose.
but jacob had to leave later, jeri and i had dindin, and then it was off to the cable game for us! so into erin's car we went and we drove off to caruso. it was pretty fun there. cept for that the seventh graders suck, and we coulnd't really see n e thing from where we were for a long time. so instead we played on the stage :P and just sat around. later (after half time) when many a people left, we got seats in the bleacharoos and then we watched from there. i saw gabi, though :) she was all written on. it was funny to look at. i like gabi. she's nice. and i like nice people! :)
speaking of gabi, who's watching the superbowl!!! i am!!!! woooot!!! paul's singin' at half time! yay for paul! and football! and superbowls! hooray.
also the people that are coming w/ me to elton john have changed because of stupid first night of passover. but gabi's coming still. but ilana and mimi can't, and they were going to. *cries* but instead joy and sarah petitt are. interesting people, no? hmm. but they're all very nice and cool and my friends. so we're going to have so very much fun. cept for that there's not going to be enough room in my car. and we might have to drive two seperate cars which would be really bad because that's no fun. and gabi'd probably be all by herself cuz her mommy might come and then she'd be drivin' w/ her. but watever. we'll get to that later.
i have not actually gotten tickets yet. because on ticketmaster they sell them by best available, which means that now they're selling the expensiver seats. we don't like expensive. so we're waiting for the cheaper-and-a-little-bit-worser seats.
i can't wait! eek! so many happy things coming up!
and tonight i may be sleeping over at ilana's house. i'm not too sure yet. me call her later.
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BLOODY HELL!!!! ^_^!!! [Jan. 19th, 2005|07:11 am]
i am the walrus
[i'm feeling |ecstaticecstatic]
[i'm listening to |Elton John!!!]

going to see elton john!!! aah!!!! excited!!!!!
he's coming to the allstate arena in Rosemont, il! aaah!!!
and it's on april 23 at 8:00 PM.
and tickets are up on a ticketmaster presale. if you're intrested in getting tickets...
i'm excited!!!!
me and ilana and gabi and michelle are going to have the fuckin best time!!! (next to seeing paul of course)!!!!
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little juan. hahaha [Jan. 17th, 2005|04:14 pm]
i am the walrus
[i'm feeling |boredbored]
[i'm listening to |magical mystery tour]

Your Penis Name is: Little Juan

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